Check out our range of products
    Check out our range of products

To preserve its natural beauty, timber needs protecting and maintaining! Contact Timber Solutions for the right timber treatment products.

Timber Plus products protect against weathering moisture humidity UV rays decay splitting cracking warping

Timber Plus CE99

A preservative designed to be used on treated timbers where the original treatment has been removed through sawing, drilling or planing. Read more ...

Timber Plus CE100

A clear exterior UV timber oil preservative and water repellent. It protects timber from splitting, cracking and warping. Read more ...

Timber Plus CE101

A wood preservative and water repellent that imparts the highest level of protection for timber in constant contact with the ground. Read more ...

Timber Plus CE102

A clear general purpose preservative and water repellent for above ground timbers against weathering, decay and fungal attack. Read more ...

Timber Plus CE197

A clear water repellent ideal for outdoor weather protection for treated pine and L.O.S.P. treated timber. Read more ...

Timber Plus Stains

Timber Plus is available in a range of high quality interior and exterior timber treatment stains. Read more ...