Timber Plus

Premium Quality

Timber Plus water repellent preservatives and water repellents are deeply penetrating solutions designed to inhibit the entry of moisture into the wood cell, thereby minimizing swelling and shrinking.

Timber Plus range of products are suitable for the treatment against practically any environmental condition that may threaten to damage your timber, whether it be treated or untreated, exposed to the affects of weathering or natural deterioration. They do not form a surface coating, are compatible with most paint systems, oil based stains and therefore an ideal treatment for all timber or timber products.

Timber Plus CE 99

Anti-rot Clear

A preservative designed to be used on treated timbers where the original treatment has been removed through sawing, drilling or planing.

It is also recommended for treating untreated durable and non-durable timbers that are to be finished with solvent based or water-based paints.

General Uses:

CE 99 retreats treated timber when it has been cut or machined (restores treatment envelope). To protect untreated timber against fungal attack prior to painting.



Timber Plus CE 100

Clear Timber Oil Preservative & Water Repellent

A clear exterior UV timber oil preservative and water repellent. It protects timber from splitting, cracking and warping due to moisture movement and fungal attack.

It can be used on both treated and untreated timber but imparts an oiled finish to the timber.

General Uses:

CE 100 can be used for all exterior timber applications including outdoor furniture, cladding and decking that requires an oiled finish.



Timber Plus CE 101

Copper Green Preservative

CE 101 imparts the highest level of protection. A wood preservative and water repellent which contains 32gms per litre of Copper Naphthenate, protects wood from rot and decay. It is recommended for timber that will be in constant contact with the ground.

General Uses:

CE 101 is best used for treated and untreated timber in pole house construction, boats, jetties, retaining walls and cooling towers. For in-ground application when treated pine or timber has been sawn, cut or planed and where the surface treatment has been lost and needs to be replaced.


Dark Green

Timber Plus CE 102

Clear Wood Preservative

A clear general purpose preservative and water repellent for above ground use, preserving durable and non-durable timbers from weathering, decay and fungal attack.

It also reduces moisture movement which causes end-splitting, warping and surface checking.

General Uses:

CE 102 protects non-durable timbers such as Western Red Cedar, Oregon, Brush Box and Pine and may be applied to pergolas, decking, fencing and cladding.



Timber Plus CE 197

Clear Water Repellent

A clear water repellent ideal for outdoor weather protection for treated pine and L.O.S.P. treated timber. Protects wood from swelling, shrinking, warping, splitting and surface checking.

CE 197 retards the moisture movement in timber flooring or any timber products prone to moisture attack

General Uses:

CE 197 may be used on pergolas, decking, cladding and fencing as well as for the protection of freshly dressed timber from end-splitting and surface checking.



'Outdoor decking treated with Timber Plus CE 197 Clear Water Repellent.'

'Exterior cladding treated with Timber Plus CE 102 Clear Wood Preservative.'

Timber plus Interior Stains

Timber Plus Interior Stains and Waxes are used for surfaces which are not subject to "wet-cleaning". These surfaces include timber window sills, timber panelling, skirting boards, door trims, picture rails and some furniture items not in heavy use situations. They retain the natural beauty and feel of timber, and protect it against moisture, dust, scratches and finger marks. Seals with a soft, dirt-resistance, non-glossy surface. When dry, "buff-up" with a lint free cloth.

General Uses:

timber plus Interior Stains can be applied to most types of interior timber.


Available in a variety of beautiful tones and colours


Brush on, leave for 5-15 minutes and wipe off with a soft cloth in the direction of the grain (Ave. drying time is about 2-3 hours).

Timber plus Exterior Stains

Timber Plus Exterior Stains are deeply penetrating solutions which carry the colour and other protective and preservative substances straight into the wood cell. They protect against ultra-violet damage which causes timber to grey, are quick drying, uniform in appearance, easy to apply, and enhance the beauty of the natural grain. They do not form a surface coating, cannot crack, flake or peel.

General Uses:

Timber Plus Exterior Stains can be applied to all horizontal and vertical timbers such as cladding, window facias and pergolas. The colours are highly resistant to exposure and can be used directly from the can onto non-painted timber. They can also be diluted with CE 102 to increase transparency.


Soft Green, Silver Grey, Cedar, Redwood and Ochre

Important Information

Water Repellency

timber plus formulated water repellent preservatives and water repellents are deeply penetrating materials designed to inhibit the entry of moisture into the wood cell, thereby minimizing the swelling and shrinking.

Protects timber and plywood from warping, checking, grain raising, cupping, cracking and swelling, particularly for soft wood and plywood, without changing the natural appearance of your timber.

No Coating To Degrade

timber plus treatment products (except timber plus Interior and Exterior Stains & Waxes) do not form a surface coating, are compatible with most paint systems and all oil-based stains, and are the ideal treatment for all timber or timber products subject to exposure to moisture hazards. Because there is no surface coating, there is no film that can crack, flake or peel with aging. When your timber is ready for another treatment there is no messy preparation required like stripping or sanding, simply re-apply.

When To Apply

For optimum performance, it is important to apply timber plus products to dry timber, free from excessive dirt, grease, paint or any coatings, so that the formulated resins and waxes can penetrate into the wood. timber plus products are best applied after all cutting, drilling and gluing has been completed.


Dipping (Preferred Method) The timber or timber products to be treated should be completely immersed in the repellent at a temperature of not less than 10 degrees Celsius for a period of not less than 3 minutes.

Brush Flooding timber plus may be applied by brush flooding – painting or rolling. The products should be given a sufficient number of wet-on-wet coatings on all surfaces and ends until no further absorption takes place. Drying should not be allowed between applications.

Container Sizes

Timber Plus products are available in 1, 4, 10, 20, 60 and 205 litre capacities.


The 3 liberal coats of timber plus covers 4-6 square metres per litre depending on the absorbency of the timber.

Drying Times

5-20 minutes at 21 degrees Celsius, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Clean Up

Rinse brushes in mineral turpentine.


For best maintenance results, re-apply within 12 months and subsequently every 18 months. If extreme environmental circumstances prevail, retreat when necessary. timber plus products are cost effective because apart from applying the product, there is no other preparation like sanding or stripping, as in paint and other finish products.


Please refer to the safety directions printed clearly on the product packaging label under the heading "Safety Directions".