Frequently Asked Questions

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Timber Solutions is an Australian company manufacturing high quality timber treatment products, for supply to both domestic and commercial markets throughout Australia.

What is timber plus?

timber plus is the brand name by which Timber Solutions market and sell their timber treatment range of products.

What are timber plus water repellents?

timber plus formulated water repellents and preservatives are deeply penetrating materials designed to inhibit the entry of moisture into the wood cell, thereby minimizing the swelling and shrinking.

What types of damage do they protect against?

timber plus formulated water repellents and preservatives protect timber and plywood from the varying affects caused by weathering and natural deterioration such as warping, checking, grain raising, cupping, cracking and swelling, particularly for softwood and plywood, without changing the natural appearance of your timber.

What surfaces can they be applied on?

Because timber plus treatment products (except timber plus Interior and Exterior Stains & Waxes) do not form a surface coating, and are compatible with most paint systems and all oil-based stains, they are the ideal treatment for all timber or timber products subject to exposure to moisture hazards.

Do they leave a surface coating?

timber plus water repellents do not leave a surface coating, so there is no film that can crack, flake or peel with aging. When your timber is ready for another treatment there is no messy preparation required like striping or sanding, simply reapply.

Do I need to reapply Timber Plus if a coating is broken by nailing or screwing?

Yes, Timber Plus products need to be reapplied when a surface coating is broken by either nailing or screwing, and where penetration has occured.

When should they be applied?

timber plus products are best applied after all cutting, drilling and gluing has been completed.

What preparation do I need to consider before applying?

For best results, it is important to apply timber plus products to dry timber, free from excessive dirt, grease, paint or any coatings that may inhibit absorbtion of the formulated repellents, resins and waxes from penetrating into the wood cell.

Do I need to sand back the surface before applying?

Unlike other finishing products suchs as paints, minimal (if any) sanding or stripping is required, making timber plus water repellents a very cost effective solution.

What are the best methods for applying timber plus water repellents?

Dipping (Preferred Method): The timber or timber products to be treated should be completely immersed in the repellent at a temperature of not less than 10 degrees Celsius for a period of not less than 3 minutes.

Brush Flooding: timber plus may be applied by brush flooding ­ painting or rolling. The products should be given a sufficient number of wet-on-wet coatings on all surfaces and ends until no further absorption takes place. Drying should not be allowed between applications.

What container sizes are they available in?

They are available in 1, 4, 20 and 205 litre capacities.

How much should I apply?

The 3 liberal coats of timber plus covers 4-6 square metres per litre depending on the absorbency of the timber.

How do I clean up?

Rinse brushes in mineral turpentine

How long do timber plus water repellents take to dry?

5-20 minutes at 21 degrees Celsius, depending on atmospheric conditions.

How reguraly should timber plus water repellents be applied?

For best maintenance results, reapply within 12 months and subsequently every 18 months. If extreme environmental circumstances prevail, retreat when necessary. Except for CE101 Copper Green Preservative.

What saftey precuations should be considered?

We strongly recommend as prudent practice, all customers should refer to the safety directions printed clearly on the product packaging label under the heading "Safety Directions" before using timber plus products and water repellents.