About Us

Premium treatments for timber exteriors! interiors! decking! cladding! fencing!

Timber Solutions is an Australian company manufacturing high quality timber treatment products, for supply to both domestic and commercial markets throughout Australia.

Who We Are

Timber Solutions market a range of premium timber treatment solutions under the brand name of Timber Plus, suitable for the treatment against practically any environmental condition that may threaten to damage your timber, whether it be treated or untreated, exposed to the affects of weathering or natural deterioration.

Australia's harsh weather conditions pose many challenges to the longevity of timber. Searing heat, a high ultra-violet factor, humidity and moisture movement within the wood cell all combine to take their toll. To preserve its natural beauty, timber needs protecting and maintaining. 'Timber Plus' water repellents and preservatives are deeply penetrating solutions designed to inhibit the entry of moisture into the wood cell, thereby minimizing the swelling and shrinking. They do not form a surface coating, are compatible with most paint systems and oil based stains, and are therefore an ideal treatment for all timber or timber products.

In July 2000, Timber Solutions purchased the entire timber treatment products line from Celtite Pty Ltd who manufactured and sold the products under the brand name Celtite. Prior to that the products were known on the market as Cellavit.

"We take great pride in providing our customers with the right solutions to protect their timber against the harmful effects of weathering." Keiran O'Sullivan, Timber Solutions