Premium treatments for timber exteriors! decking! cladding! fencing!

Timber Solutions is an Australian company manufacturing high quality timber treatment products, for supply to both domestic and commercial markets throughout Australia.


As the use of the products described in our brochures, invoices, communique and or website are outside the control of Timber Solutions, we make no representation or warranty concerning the suitability or fitness of those products for any purpose. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the products will have the qualities and attributes that will make them fit for any ordinary or special purpose required of them, even if that purpose is made known to us at any time. We disclaim any liability if any products are not suitable or fit for any such purpose, including any method of their application. All offers and contracts are subject to Timber Solutions terms and conditions of sale. For further details or any questions, please contact Timber Solutions.

Timber Plus products need to be reapplied when a surface coating is broken by either nailing or screwing, and where penetration has occured.

"As they say 'preventation is better than cure'. This is certainly true with timber. To proctect your timber from the harmful effects of weathering, we provide a premium range of products for different uses and applications." Keiran O'Sullivan, Timber Solutions